First, try to reload your browser. If that doesn't work, we recommend that you update your browser to its latest version.

As for Internet Explorer users, please note that we do not support versions prior to Internet Explorer 11.

If the problem persists, please check if you have any ad blockers or browser extensions installed, as they can potentially block our player, and we also suggest clearing all cookies and cache of your browser, then reboot your device and try a different internet connection method (e.g. if you were previously on wireless, then this time try to connect via wire) and then load the site again.

How to clear cache and cookies in various browsers? You will find a detailed explanation for all major browsers on these links: Chrome, Chrome Android, Chrome iOS, Firefox, Firefox Android, Firefox iOS.

Make sure that you are not using VPN.

If after you tried all the above steps yet you still don't have a clear stream, then please take a screenshot of the issue and report it to our 24/7 Support Team.

To speed up solving your problem we suggest that you include the information displayed below in your ticket.

By including these information in your request, it will speed up the investigation process we will be able to evaluate your situation and provide you with a solution faster.

  • Short description of the issue

  • Browser version

  • Device information

  • Screenshots (if available)

  • Internet speed and method of connection.


My streaming freezes

I am using chrome browser version 67.0.3396.99, Windows 10, connected via wireless, internet speed 5Mbs).

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