The following article is intended for users located in India.

If you received a Payment Decline or a Transaction Failed error message during your purchase attempt, you need to check first whether your debit/credit card allows you to make international online payments. If not, then it is a domestic card.

In order to enable your card to make international online payments simply contact your bank and ask them to change/convert your debit/credit card to an international one.

You don’t need to tell them anything regarding our site and they will not ask. If they ask you can say that you want to buy something online from abroad.

More information about the Domestic card issue:

Following our research, we found out that each bank has their own procedure regarding domestic cards.

Some banks can change your card on customer request by applying for it via a phone call or through online banking. Other banks might need a written application, or they might need to issue a new card with international access.

The duration needed for this process varies depending on the bank. If it’s a government bank it may take 7-8 working days and if it’s a private bank it may take less than 24 hours.

  • All the new debit or credit cards issued by banks will allow usage only in India. If the customer wants to carry out international usage, the cards will have an EMV chip embedded on the card and will be pin enabled.

  • For customers who already have debit and/or credit cards, the issuing bank will need to convert the normal cards (which have traditional magnetic stripe) into one with an EMV chip and pin enabled.

  • Banks will usually put a purchase limit on international usage, once this limit is reached the user will not be able to spend anymore. The limit is decided by the bank based on the risk profile of each user.

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