Your account security is a huge priority for us, so in order to protect it we highly recommend you enable two-factor authentication (2FA for short), which is a login process that requires two steps to verify your identity. Simple and effective.

This is how it works: whenever our site detects a suspicious login attempt, it will prompt for a 2FA code that is automatically generated by the Google Authenticator app on your device. So if someone uses your password without permission, they still won’t be able to log in without this code that only you have access to.

If you’re keen to use 2FA – which we hope you are by now – below we explain how to set it up step by step, so take note.

On the site, access the Settings and Privacy page. There you will find the new "Two-Factor Authentication" panel, right under "My Password". Enable the switch, and a modal window will pop up asking you to enter your account's password. Once completed, you will see the instructions to set up your authenticator app.

Download the Google Authenticator app directly by clicking on the related button in case you’re carrying out the whole setup on your device. If you’re doing so on your computer, you will find the app on Google Play or App Store to download to your device.

When the app is already installed, launch it. At the bottom of the screen, click on “BEGIN SETUP”. And now there are two different paths to follow, depending on whether you’re performing the configuration on your computer or smartphone device:

1. If you have the website open on your Android or iOS device, then you must enter the code manually. Select “Manual entry” on Google Authenticator, and it will show you a new screen where it asks you to enter an account and a key. Disregard the account field, since it’s not required. For the key, go back to site's window and copy the long letters and numbers string next to the QR-code and paste it on the key field in the app. You will then get a 6-digit code that you have to enter in the input text box at the bottom of site's page and after hit “Enable Auth”.

2. If on the contrary you’re performing the setup on your computer, select “Scan barcode” on the app. Then scan the QR-code on site's page with your device. You will immediately get the 6-digit code that you have to enter in the input text box at the bottom of site's page and after hit “Enable Auth”.

Congratulations! If you’ve successfully completed this, means that you are all set up!

“So now, how does two-factor authentication work each time I try to log in?”, you may ask. We’re happy to tell you that that’s the easiest part!

As mentioned above, if a suspicious login attempt is detected, you will get a message saying “Two-factor authentication is required” with an input text box to enter the code. In this instance, you open Google Authenticator on your device, and since the app is already linked to our website, the code will be automatically generated waiting to be used (note that the app generates a new code each 30 seconds). Enter this code in the digit code field on the site and hit “Continue”. Please be aware that Google Authenticator does not work on multiple devices, it can only issue codes on a single mobile device.

Take into account that you have a limited number of attempts to introduce the code correctly. If you introduce an incorrect code more than 10 times, your account will get blocked for 30 minutes.

Be confident that your account will always be safe with two-factor authentication. We’ve got your back!

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